What type of steel is used to produce Nab Steel products?2021-07-26T04:37:34+04:30

The highest quality steel made by the top world class producers is used for all Nab Steel products. St304 (10-18) steel is used to produce all Nab Steel products, expect for knives. Our knives are produced using St420 and 430, which are subject to heat treatment as a means to make knife blade sharpness durable.

How is the Procedure for Purchase Refund?2021-07-26T04:41:09+04:30

In case of partial or total order return, Nab Steel refunds the entire amount paid by the user, except for transportation costs. Evidently, refunds are made after examining and accepting returned items by the experts.

I have purchased a product from your online shop. Can I change it at physical shops?2021-07-26T04:42:05+04:30

No, goods may not be changed.

Can I change the product I already bought?2021-07-26T04:43:39+04:30

No, any product purchased by and delivered to the customer may not be changed.

Can I return the product I already bought?2021-07-26T04:44:24+04:30

The esteemed customers shall compare the item details with the ordered item upon taking delivery the goods and prior to open packaging and refuse to take delivery and return the same in case of any contradiction.

When it delivery time?2021-07-26T04:49:31+04:30

Normal delivery times after payment for order are as per the following:
Tehran: within 24 hours
Other cities: between one and three working days

How can I make my purchase through website?2021-07-26T04:50:51+04:30

First of all, add the relevant product to your shopping cart. In order to pay for the cost, choose the city to where the goods shall be sent. In order to do so, first of all log into your user account, or in case of not creating a user account, register which includes contact details and mail address. At the final stage, pay for the order cost. Payment constitutes as accepting sale terms and conditions.

How payment may be made?2021-07-26T04:51:35+04:30

You may make your payment online and through all banks who are members of SHETAB.

Can I pay for the cost after taking delivery and item and in person?2021-07-26T04:52:08+04:30

No, order cost shall be paid at the time of purchase and online.

Is it possible to purchase Nab Steel products in person?2021-07-27T03:41:16+04:30

Yes, in addition to the website, you may purchase our products from one of the shops of which their addresses have been given on the representative’s page.

How much is the transportation cost?2021-07-26T04:53:43+04:30

Transportation cost of the goods ordered in the order completion process is added to the order value.

Normal delivery times after payment for order are as per the following:2021-07-26T04:59:48+04:30

Tehran: within 24 hours
Other cities: between one and three working days

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