Palermo shining set, 136 pcs., with legged walnut wooden box

Palermo shining set, 136 pcs., with legged walnut wooden box

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Simple and elegant design is the most important feature of Palermo spoon and fork. Extended vertical lines have made this model unique and a good feeling is generated when taking it in hand.

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ویژگی ها

  • 10/18 stainless steel: 10/18 stainless steel is a combination containing nickel and chrome. This type of steel has a high resistance against corrosion and rusting, which all caused Nab Steel spoon and fork products with long, effective lifetime.
  • Washable using dishwasher: all shining steel spoons and forks may be washed using dishwasher.
  • Resistant against blackening and rusting: The best steel type has been used to make Nab Steel products, so enable them have high resistance against blackening, rusting and scratches, in case of correct usage.
  • Wooden packaging: Besides attractive appearance, wooden packaging enjoys high strength. Wood has been used to make such packaging as a means to bring sufficient quality and durability.
  • 25 years after-sales services: All Nab Steel products have 25 years warranty in compliance to washing culture.
  • Variable and practical items: Items available in Nab Steel sets have been selected in a certain way to meet the buyers’ requirements in the best possible manner.


آیکون قاشق غذاخوری
آیکون چنگال غذاخوری
آیکون قاشق چای‌خوری
آیکون قاشق شربت خوری
آیکون قاشق مرباخوری

18 Pcs Dining spoon

18 Pcs Dining Fork

12 Pcs Teaspoon

12 Pcs Syrup Spoon

12 Pcs Dessertspoon

آیکون کارد میوه‌خوری
آیکون چنگال میوه‌خوری
آیکون قاشق بستنی خوری
آیکون کارد غذاخوری
آیکون کفگیر برنج

12 Pcs Fruit Knife

12 Pcs Fruit Serving Fork

12 Pcs Ice Cream Spoon

12 Pcs Serving Knife

2 Pcs Big Skimmer

آیکون ملاقه سوپ
آیکون قاشق سرو خورشت
آیکون قاشق سرو سالاد
آیکون چنگال سرو سالاد
آیکون ملاقه سس

2 Pcs Soup Ladle

2 Pcs Serving Spoon

1 Pc Salad Serving Spoon

1 Pc Salad Serving Fork

1 Pc Sauce Ladle

کفگیر سرو کیک فلورانس طلایی
آیکون انبر قند
آیکون کارد سرو بره
آیکون چنگال سرو بره
آیکون قاشق صدف

1 Pc Cake Serving Spoon

1 Pc Sugar Tongs

1 Pc Lamb Serving Knife

1 Pc Lamb Serving Fork

1 Pc Shell Spoon

nabsteel variety | تنوع ناب استیل

2 Pcs Snail Fork

نگه داری و شست و شو

  • Remove the food remnant on spoon and fork after usage.
  • Dry spoon and fork after washing.
  • Never use highly acidic or alkaline washing substances (e.g. bleaching liquid)
  • Prevent your products from hitting each other when handling and washing them, as such hitting results in scratching your products.
  • Avoid using scrubs and wire sponge, as they scratch your products.
  • Fingerprints may remain on spoons and forks when using, which are easily removed through washing by warm water and drying by soft cloth.
  • Washable using dishwasher.


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